ids blacklist interests

David Matthew (male. he/him) INFJ-T

founder and headwriter of dozenproductions

in order of importance

puppets (yes lazytown puppets included-- "cartoon"/"comedic" puppets need to be tagged, not the "horror"-esque ones)
pedophilia (daddy kink included)
emetophobia triggering content (audio/visual)
death talk (exisentialism/afterlife talk,)
catch-all: DDL

(do not shame me for my squicks/triggers. i've given millions of warnings-- polite ones-- to tag these, and no one has taken me seriously, so don't ask me to apologize if i get angry at you/block you for not tagging these, either. keep in mind i'm not the only one with these triggers either, so it's not unfair for me to ask you to tag them)